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Deep in the Dark

Erotic Shorts

The darker side of passion is lust, and when not tempered by love... that lust can be very dark indeed. 

Yes, I know, you are in shock that I can write a book that isn't about werewolves! But Soldier On was actually the first story I published. The Will of Heaven was a present for my mailing list fans.


"His Brother's Dowry" has werewolves--I'm lupusexual, apparently--and it

was a perverted little distraction for times when I just couldn't write another word of people TALKING to each other--the strong and silent type is not my type. Shocking, I know.) Then while in the middle of one of the hardest times in my life (2018, you can burn in hell & I'll happily watch and pour gasoline :) I opened up the 2k document and in the course of two weeks found myself with a 24k novella about a beta werewolf who "allows" too many alphas to fuck him and... Let's say that you loved Devlin and Ray but part of you felt they could have suffered a little more, then imagine this beta, Tony, murdered half you family and you want him tortured in the form of sex with extra debasement. Now either go read or go browse a different section, no shame in admitting this is not your cup of wolf! :p


Otherwise scroll up and get it. It's cheaper here and I also notice sales more and could possibly end up writing another one if you stroke my ego enough!

Go here for a bit I had to cut out!

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