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Warning: Very Dark Mpreg, most definitely not a romance.


Tony agreed to join the new pack and do his duty as a beta… But that isn’t enough for his brother.


Tony has always admired his older brother Peter.  Enough that when Peter decides to leave their birth pack to try his luck in a new one, Tony follows him there. As a beta, life is not easy for Tony in the new pack—there, he’s expected to submit to the attentions of any unmated alphas since the pack does not have enough omegas yet. But he loves his alpha brother enough to endure the discomfort so Peter can get access to the new pack’s other betas.


Except Peter is in love with an omega already and the price of her dowry is well beyond anything he can afford. The girl’s brothers demand an omega of their very own.


Includes multiple partners sharing a single man, feminization, dubcon, noncon, mpreg, and brainwashing. A/B/O. This is intended for titillation and any vestiges of a plot are entirely accidental. 


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His Brother's Dowry (epub, mobi)

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