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Warning for: non-con, kidnapping, straight alpha forced to submit to other alphas, feminization, brainwashing, FISTING, body modification, mpreg, werewolf racism (against humans).


Junen snarled at the alpha standing outside his cell. The guy was clearly a psychopath. Who the fuck had an actual cell in their house? 

“I see you are as unreasonable as your father,” the stranger told him evenly. He had dark eyes, long thick eyelashes that made his eyes look huge on his pale face, and although Junen could smell he was an alpha, he could barely see proof of the musculature lycanthropes developed naturally. Especially alphas. 

“Let me out and I won’t rip your throat out,” Junen replied with a smile that showed all his teeth, being on a strange alpha’s territory was bad enough, being in a fucking cage had his wolf so furious he was having trouble staving off the transformation. “I think that’s very reasonable.” 

The other alpha laughed, seemingly delighted at the threat. Great, he was crazy. “I think I’ll keep you a little longer. Unless you’re feeling up to cooperating?” 

Junen didn’t answer, letting the silence build. It was one of his dad’s tricks and it worked like a charm if you had the patience to wait it out. Junen had learned to outwait his agemates, then the older kids--adults tended to pretend they weren’t affected and walked away like he was no threat but not before Junen smelled they were angry. 

His captor didn’t seem discomfited at all, though, there was a half-smile on his lips, as if they were having a pleasant conversation over tea instead of talking from opposite sides of a cell. 

“Very well,” he said cheerfully after only a few moments. “I’m afraid I have other work to do.” 

And with that, he turned and started for the door. Junen’s heart skipped. He’d been in there for days already and now... But he wouldn’t give in, not when he knew he’d have to say no anyway. 

He bit his tongue on the questions. 

The arsehole wanted something from him, he would have to ask for it. 

Chapter 1 

Junen was thirsty enough that if he’d been given a bucket to piss, he’d have been thinking about drinking it. But the cell had a hole in the ground to serve as a toilet so even if he could have made himself do it to survive, the choice was out of his hands. A human could survive about three days without drinking, no one had said how long a werewolf could manage—was it less or more time that it would take him to grow so desperate he ripped his own arm open and drank his own blood? 

His suspicions that he was being watched were confirmed when the alpha walked in not long after he slumped to the ground and let his eyes rest. 

He looked as fresh as a daisy in a dress shirt and fucking slacks, like he was a businessman instead of a maniac. 

“Coffee?” he offered. He held two steaming Styrofoam cup from Costa’s and the smell made Junen’s stomach clench, tongue rubbing against his own palate in an effort to wet it. 

The drink could be drugged. It almost certainly was. But what did he have to lose? He was in a cage like an animal and no one knew to come for him here. 

He stood, adjusting his stance at the last moment to pretend he hadn’t stumbled. The smirk on the other man’s lips said he’d noticed anyway. Fuck him, what did he expect after keeping him in such a cramped space for days with no food or water? 

The bastard actually stepped forward and put his arm through the bars. Junen could have ripped his arm out, but the coffee would have spilled and then he’d have been stuck inside the cell, so thirsty he was thinking of drinking his own blood and with the only person he knew for certain knew his whereabouts too dead to get him out or reveal them to anyone.  

He took the cup instead, startled to find out it was still hot. Was there really a Costa’s so close to his unexpected prison? 

“I went for two sugars,” the other alpha told him, sipping at his own cup. “That’s how you like it, isn’t it?” 

Junen gave him an incredulous look, because it fucking was and it was like the guy wanted to tick every single box in the being as creepy as possible questionnaire. He took a sip anyway, then another, keeping his gaze unfocused and trying to hide his relief. He made himself drink slowly and he couldn’t detect anything strange, but of course that wasn’t guarantee of anything. 

“Did your father tell you why you’re not meant to patrol alone?” the alpha asked. 

But he clearly knew the answer, if Junen had known this could happen, he’d have been more careful. His father had told them not to and he’d expected them to obey, and it wasn’t like Junen was excepted just because he would be the next alpha leader of his pack, but exactly for that reason, he’d volunteered to take on the most annoying of his age-mates as a partner. 

And Lekle never shut up, so sue him, he’d wanted a little peace and quiet while he patrolled. He’d wanted to actually be able to listen for any danger; how was that a bad idea? Except it’d landed him here. 

“Yeah,” the other alpha said with a nod. “I was thinking not, I’m sure you’re not really that dumb. But I guess he doesn’t think you’re ready to know this stuff yet, does he? How old are you? Twenty? Twenty-one?” 

“I’m twenty-four,” Junen spat, glaring. He was a big guy and he’d been getting into places without getting carded since he’d presented alpha at sixteen and bulked up in a matter of weeks. He was not used to getting looked at like he was a science project, and he most certainly did not appreciate it. “And I don’t know what your deal with my father is, but you’re not helping your case by doing this. My dad hates drama.” 

“Drama, huh?” The smirk he got in response said the notion was absolutely hilarious and Junen wasn’t even sure what he was getting laughed at about. His language? The guy was older, sure, but it wasn’t anything stereotypical and— “I think some things deserve to be spoken of with some ‘drama’,” he said pleasantly. 

“What things?” Junen asked, giving in. There was being a tough guy and there was being an idiot; he wasn’t going to spend another week in the cell just to avoid asking the other alpha a question. It wasn’t a weakness not to understand why a random wolf had taken you and shoved you in a cage. 

And even so, the smile he received made his blood freeze. “Well, surrender of your pack’s command, for one thing.” 


“I don’t like to spill blood unnecessarily, you see,” the stranger explained, for all the world like he was a teacher imparting a lesson. “Not when there’s so few of us left and with humans expanding at the insane rate only them and vermin can manage.” He sighed. “So I asked your father to agree to be my second, I even told him he could keep everything as it was except for the breeding,” he added, sounding truly puzzled. 

“B—Breeding?” Junen repeated. 

The alpha’s dark eyes found his. “Yes, Junen, making babies? This whole nonsense of letting everyone go on birth control and fuck around with heat cycles is damaging our ability to survive as a species.” 

“You are crazy,” Junen blurted out, unthinking. 

But the alpha didn’t take offense, simply heaving a sigh. “Which great innovator didn’t get told that?” he asked, although he didn’t seem to expect an answer. “In any case, your father refused. So I had to take matters into my own hands.” 

Junen snorted, crossing his arms and facing off with the guy. If he thought his dad would be made to negotiate with a nutjob, he had another thing coming. “So you kidnapped me and you think he’ll agree to your plans to get me back?” 

This got him a proper laugh, it didn’t even sound messed up, just a man’s deep rumble of amusement. It sent a chill down Junen’s spine; he was starting to wonder if the guy wasn’t as much crazy as a bona fide psychopath. “I am not stupid, Junen, your father wouldn’t give up control of his pack to get you back. But he has sworn you in as his heir, so when you are my omega; he will have no choice but to name me instead.” 

For a moment, Junen’s brain couldn’t seem to process the words. “Wh— Omega?” he choked out at last. “That’s… That’s impossible!” 

“Not according to our forefathers,” his captor announced with a smirk. “See? This is what I’m talking about, these days you kids spend all your time fraternizing with humans, learning to ‘program’ and ‘network’,” these words were said like they referred to bodily functions of the lowest kind. “And you haven’t read the diaries of your people, you don’t know your history or even what your own body is capable of.” 

“At least I know an alpha can’t become an omega!” he snapped, running out of patience with racist speech. It figured he got stuck with the racist kidnapper, like the guy wasn’t creepy enough. 

The alpha kept on smiling. “All it takes for a werewolf to change orientations is his pack needing him to. And we really need you to.” This last he said with some pleasure, his own teeth extending in a threatening fashion. 

Junen shook his head in silent denial, taking an involuntary step back, then reared forward and hit the bars, growling for all he was worth. “I will kill you if you so much as think of touching me!” 

The arsehole smiled at him, as if pleased by his reaction. “I thought you’d see it that way,” he said with what sounded like sincere regret. “I guess we will just get on with things then.” 


Getting on with things, it turned out, meant four alphas as big as he going into his cage while he slept. The coffee had been drugged, but he’d only drunk half the cup so he woke up when they took hold of his arms and legs and forced him up, swaying and dizzy and not sure he could keep from vomiting, let alone his feet under him. He barely had time to remember where he was before he saw the metal structure attached to the cell door. Instinctively, he struggled against the men holding him, kicking wildly and getting one of them in the thigh and getting a punch to the gut for his trouble. He was still whizzing when they lifted his legs as well, leaving him spread eagled and facing the floor, which his brain registered was some kind of old tile, like a mandala. If he fell, it’d hurt like a bitch to break his nose on it and that made him pause for a second. They couldn’t keep him like that for long and— He was set on his feet before he expected it and one of the guys shoved him forward, clinging to the bars with bulging arms and trapping Junen between his body and the cold metal of the stand, knocking his breath out of him for long enough for one of the others to twist his wrist in a way that made him lose control of his right hand for a moment. 

It was long enough for it to get locked into a pair of handcuffs as he turned to see, the left followed. It did not take much for them to get each of his limbs into restraints, the one on his ankles felt like a band of material but Junen couldn’t pull far away from the cross to see. 

“You’ll regret this,” he hissed. “You can hide your faces, but I’ll remember your scent and that’s all I need to hunt you down.” 

To his shock, one of the men went past the door to the cell—apparently open this whole time, Junen discovered with stomach-twisting regret—and faced him from the outside. “Like what you see?” he asked, smirking with sharp canines, and jumped back just in time when Junen spat on his face. He had dark hair and a shadow of a beard, and looked strong but he was obviously cocky, a fatal flaw in a fight. 

A fair fight, which this wasn’t. 

“Theon said you were fun,” the guy said meanly. “Of course,” he added in a confidential whisper. “Your pretty face isn’t nearly as much fun as your arse will be around my cock.” 

Junen growled, rattling the handcuffs and setting the stand wobbling enough it clinked against the cell bars. It was pointless, he was pinned like a butterfly on a display case, but he couldn’t just stand there and let them…  

“Noel, stop teasing him,” said a second alpha. “We don’t want him damaged. And you!” he added, pinching Junen’s side. “Stop being stupid, there’s silver in the cuffs, you’re not getting off them on your own.” 

Junen panted, twisting his neck to watch him. He was older, maybe the same age as the head arsehole, and he looked normal, a dark skinned man in his forties or fifties, dressed in a shirt and jeans. “Then you get them off me,” he said. “I will give you anything you want, I’ve got money and land and—” 

“An omega,” the other alpha interrupted. 

“Sure,” Junen agreed easily. “I’ll sponsor you, there’s several unmated omegas in my—” 

“No,” the other alpha cut him off. “That’s Theon’s offer,” he explained. “An omega of our own, any we can take and mate.” 

“What?” Junen said. “We’re not bloody animals to—” 

“I disagree,” came the response, full of sharp wolf canines in a very human mouth. It was a neat trick and terrifying to boot. “I think we very much are and I’m done playing by human rules. Plus,” he added with a smile he directed at the others standing around watching. “I am curious about what fucking another alpha will be like.” 

“I want to breed him,” said Noel at that point, sounding like he was talking about buying an expensive video game and not… Junen’s heart was battering in his chest. He couldn’t… This couldn’t be happening, they couldn’t really mean it. Sometimes alphas forced omegas, he’d known that, but to do it to another alpha… It was unthinkable. 

One of the others tsked reprovingly. “Don’t let Theon hear you talking like that about his bitch,” he recommended. 

“I know, I know,” Noel said. “Can we have a go yet?” 

Junen tensed, because ‘go’ must have referred to… But one of the others shook his head. “He wants to see him first.” 

Noel nodded. “Kay, guess I could go for lunch. KFC?” 

KFC? Junen thought dumbly. Were they in the middle of the city? His own pack lived well into the countryside; what kind of wolves lived in a city? 

Unless… Unless they didn’t live here, they just brought their prisoners to this house.  

Because no one would ever guess they’d voluntarily choose such a crowded place, full of human scents and trash, far from land and prey... 

It was the perfect hideout. 

Junen let his forehead rest against the bars, body aching from the stretch and the silver and mind feeling it might crack. He couldn’t do this, he really couldn’t. 

He had to find a way out, there had to be some. Even if they killed him, it’d be better than this, it would mean… It would mean keeping his pack safe. 

He could do that, die for his pack, it was what an alpha was meant to do, after all. 


He struggled, even knowing it was pointless, because he couldn’t do anything else. But, if anything, the stranger—Theon, the other alphas had called him—seemed to enjoy the spectacle of his rage, which of course only made him all the angrier. He tugged at his right hand’s restraints. If he could just… But of course he was secure; he supposed the people who’d build the cell in their basement had some experience in the area of tying people up and the metal cross splitting him apart was too close to his own body for him to have enough leverage to break it. 

Junen tried to make up jokes about it in his head, things he could tell his pack once he was rescued, once he was out… But he’d only been on the cross a few hours, shoulders aching with the stretch, knees starting to as well, when the alpha had come into the cell himself and taken him by the neck with a cold clawed hand. “Do you know what’s happening yet, little pup?” 

He’d spat on his face, expecting a blow in return. But the guy had just grinned and lapped up his spit with a laugh. “Well, it’s time for the drama to begin. Please beg when you’re ready, I might make them stop… for a little break,” he finished with relish. 

Then Junen became aware of the presence of other wolves outside the cell. It was the same four who’d put him on the cross and they smelled… Fuck, they smelled like they were hard and heavy, like it was the full moon and they’d have humped anything that stood still long enough. 

And Junen had no choice but to stay still, the way they’d… But they couldn’t. He was an alpha like them, they could beat him up, even kill him, but not… 

“Harry, want to do the honours?” the alpha asked with ceremony

“My pleasure,” came the rough answer and Junen couldn’t help but try and turn his neck. It was pointless, all he could see was the beefy guy he’d tried to bite earlier approach him from behind, but a moment later he was too close for even that and then his jeans were being ripped clear in half, leaving his lower half exposed in a way that could have no other purpose than… 

He startled, growling and trying to get away from the hands roughly massaging his buttocks. “Looks tight,” came the comment and he heard laughter from the peanut gallery. 

“Get the fuck off!” he screamed, the cuffs were digging into his wrists but he didn’t care, if he split open his veins and bled to death at least they couldn’t... “You perverted psycho, I’m an alpha!” He was panting, desperate. Fuck, terrified, what other reaction could anyone have? Helpless and about to…? 

“Ah, yes, that’s our little problem,” the main alpha said in silky smooth tones. “And we’re fixing it right away.” 

“Wha—” He couldn’t get the rest out because the gigantic body of the minion was pressing him against the cross, the huge erect member poking him on his lower back, sending his mind spinning into denial and his body into a struggle that was as futile as it was necessary. He didn’t try words anymore, just growled, trying to call the wolf to the surface. His claws came out but the way his hands were now strapped to the cross, the worst he could do was give them the chills with the sounds. 

He heard laughter behind him and then his buttocks were being spread and something was shoved inside. For a moment, he thought it was the guy’s dick, but the burn faded to fast as it rubbed inside him. Just fingers. Slick fingers, because they were preparing him for… “Stop!” he demanded again. “Stop it! I am an alpha, I don’t—” 

“Didn’t take him long to break,” the sensible older man from earlier commented from the corner, he could have had a bag of popcorn in front of him for all the concern he was showing. 

“I’m not breaking!” Junen screamed, even as the fingers came out and he felt something larger being put in their place. “I’m fucking straight! Get off me!” 

“Oh,” came the happy sigh from behind him, and then he was being speared open, the huge thing tearing into him like a blade, forcing his body to do something it wasn’t made to do. It hurt, deep and like it would never go away, and it just kept getting worse, like something inside him was breaking and he just— He bit his tongue, refusing to cry out, he’d not give them the satisfaction. He managed to resist the first thrust, and the second… But when Harry took him by the hips and pulled him back as he shoved, getting in deeper still, Junen couldn’t hold back a small whimper. 

It only encouraged the other alpha, who redoubled his efforts. “Yes, come on, I knew you’d like it, you little bitch.” 

Junen’s answer died on his lips as he was fucked into once again, harder and faster and he had to close his eyes just to withstand the pain. They must have torn something in him, it couldn’t hurt this much, there was no way… 

“Come on, Harry,” came a whining voice from his left. “Just fill him up, I want a go.” 

Harry didn’t deign to answer, just kept fucking Junen like a freight train, unstoppable, while all Junen could do was close his eyes and grit his teeth and hold on, just… hold on a little longer. It would be over soon and— And someone else would take a turn. 

All of them would. 


Chapter 2

He hadn’t cried. Not when Theon had cupped his face, digging his fingers into his cheekbone to ensure he couldn’t bite them off and promised, “I’m going to fill you up until you can’t walk.”

Not when he’d gone around and spread Junen’s cheeks and put it in him, rough and impatient and feeling bigger than the other guys had been despite his relatively small size. Not when he’d taken Junen by the hair and forced his head back to bite at his ear and whisper, “Your cunt feels so good.” As he thrust inside his body hard enough to break him in half.

And then he’d felt the touch on his dick and banged his head on the bars. The pain echoed in his head but it didn’t deter Theon’s hand rubbing his cock into hardness. “What the fuck are you doing?!” he demanded roughly. “You’re getting what you want—”

“You need to come on my cock, Junen,” the other alpha instructed, he sounded a little winded but otherwise absolutely calm. “That’s how omegas come, so you’ll learn until you can do it.”

With that, he resumed his rutting in Junen’s sore arse even as he kept jerking him off. “You are insane, this is— You’re not getting away with this. I was only going to kill you but now I will cut your cock off and—” The grip on his dick tightened painfully and Theon shoved into him hard enough his hip banged onto the metal cross and the breath got knocked out of him.

“You will learn,” the alpha told him. “You’re already wetting yourself for me,” he added, rubbing the precome he’d coaxed out of Junen’s dick. He knew it was just a reaction to friction but it still made him cringe, body tensing as it sought to curl up and protect itself from the assault.

But he could go nowhere and soon, as the alpha’s thrusts were adjusted upwards and started hitting his prostate, he realised he’d have no choice but to ejaculate sooner or later. He was being raped and he was hard, and that was much worse than anything he could have imagined… It wasn’t true, he didn’t want this, he didn’t— But as his cock jerked and started spilling in his captor’s hand and the man groaned behind him, rutting inside his body and murmuring, “Yes, like that, milk my cock.” It was just hard to believe.

His body was doing something his mind didn’t want, but whatever his mind said, he’d come all over the cell door—tied up and fucked by multiple other alphas.

And he’d come.

He slumped forward, twitching minutely as the alpha lingered, caressing his chest and hips before stepping back and withdrawing his erection from Junen’s body. “I can’t wait until you can hold a knot,” he said.

“Can we go again?” someone asked, Junen’s brain wasn’t up to distinguishing between the arseholes.

“Give him some water and food first,” Theon dictated. “And call me when you’re done, I have to talk to him.”

Junen heard the words but they made so little sense he ignored them. He couldn’t win. He’d already lost and they were going to do it again, as often as they liked, and if they were right…

But they couldn’t be, why wouldn’t his dad have told him if someone this dangerous was around their pack? Or that something this terrible was possible? Theon must have been lying about his offer or maybe he’d never explained he had other alphas ready to join into his raping and pillaging scheme.

Maybe Junen’s dad hadn’t imagined alphas would be in serious danger from them in any case, which was why they were in charge of the patrolling.

In a way, it was better that it was him. He couldn’t imagine what it would have been like if they had gone for the omegas. They’d have been able to resist to a point— Mr Cocky’s cock shoved into his wet hole again and he grunted in pain. This had gone on way beyond his ability to heal, although he wasn’t sure if the wetness dripping down his leg was blood or just… semen.

He wasn’t sure what was worse, the sticky remains of the pleasure these men were taking in his body or being hurt badly enough to bleed.

If only he could have retaliated… He was willing to bleed a lot for the chance, he just had to bide his time. He heard the grunt before his hips were yanked back and the alpha came inside him again.

The stranger stepped back. “How long before he changes?” he asked, and Junen only realised his eyes had closed because the voice sounded farther away.

“Do you care?” Another one asked. “You get to fuck him until he does. Now move, it’s my turn.”

Junen’s arms and legs convulsed as the man who’d spoken stepped up behind him and fumbled with his cock until he could push it into the mess his companions had made. He grunted as he bottomed out, drowning the sound of pain Junen wasn’t quite able to hold back himself.

He remembered that time because it’d been when the pain had started. And he remembered Noel’s delight when he’d got his cock in Junen and tugged him backwards and discovered he couldn’t hold back the cries if he was rutted into long and deep. He didn’t remember when they’d stopped.

Because they hadn’t.

Not before he’d passed out anyway.


“Get the buckets,” he heard Harry order, but he was too insensible to feel any curiosity, his arse was throbbing, but so were his arms and legs, stretched and immobilized as they were, and through all that, the humiliation, the muted terror he had not enough energy to really feel, he was starving. His body demanded he live, even when he was starting to think he’d have rather died than endured one more minute of this.

When someone stepped behind him, he didn’t even flinch, but there were no hands on him, instead he found himself struggling to breathe as water poured over his head, freezing and so suddenly he yanked at his restraints for the first time in hours. He heard them laughing around him and tried to look around, but just then the second bucket came, equally cold but poured on his lower back.

“We’re going to need a hose to get it all out of him!” That was Mr Cocky.

“We don’t want to get it all out of him,” one of the others said. The man had had his cock inside Junen’s arse more times than he could count, but he hadn’t had the courtesy of telling him his name.

“Whatever, let’s go, he’ll air dry.”

And with that, they had left him there, shivering, muscles cramping almost as badly as his stomach.

This book has been banned on major retailers, so it can only be acquired direct or via Smashwords.



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