The Omega Sacrifice - NJ_likes_14.jpg

I love this cover so much I asked my cover artist to make me posters AND different sized screensavers :)

Ghian is the leader of his pack and as such must mate and produce an heir to take over his role when he’s gone. But females hold no appeal to him and he cannot bring himself to take a life partner just to do his duty. 

Aalyan belongs to a pack on the edge of starvation and when he presents omega, his fate is sealed; he must go away. It’s a sacrifice he’s ready to make if it means his people will thrive.
The man waiting for him across the river is nothing like the tyrant he’s been led to expect, but no matter how kind his captor, the role of omega is still a cage Aalyan cannot help but pace within.

When a kiss is demanded, it cannot be true, can it? Can the tenderness of skin to waken that of the heart?

An arranged marriage mpreg romance.