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One alpha. One beta.

A fated meeting.

That changed everything.


Alec is a rational person, a scientist. He knows there are some things you can't change. He can't be more outgoing, he can't stop worrying about what other people think of him, and he can't stop being gay.

But he's smart, smart enough to know he could be worse off. Even though his parents expect him to marry a woman, at least he's a beta and that means he can finish his medicine degree before they start asking him questions he can't answer. It's enough: he takes it easy, studies hard, and doesn't get in trouble.

And then he meets an alpha wolf in a club and they hit it off. Gabriel is everything Alec isn't: Powerful. Confident. Dominant. Free. The last thing he expects is for Gabriel to come back for more after they spend a full moon together, and when he does, he can't bring himself to say no. Even if it would be sensible, even if it would be smart.

Protectors of the Pack

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