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An alpha werewolf. A human. A whole week of St. Valentine’s celebrations.
Abel’s life hasn’t gone according to plan. When he was just out of school, he found an omega he loved and they had a child together. Now that omega just got mated to someone else.
He is determined to enjoy more time with their daughter and be happy for his ex, but he still has too much time on his hands, so when Eve’s school organizes a whole week of St. Valentine’s celebrations, he confronts the teacher in charge.
If there’s one thing Deryn knew he wanted, it was teaching, but the actual work requires long hours and a lot of thinking on his feet. Plus, in his small Welsh hometown, there isn’t much socializing for a gay man that doesn’t want a quickly forgotten anonymous encounter.
Meeting the man of his dreams in his very classroom seems too lucky to be true, so naturally it turns out Abel is the parent of one of his students.
A Sweet M/M Age Gap Romance.

Paper Kisses

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