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Besides a free copy of "Not Destiny" (Get it back here on the 22nd!) to read before it's published anywhere, you get...

"Omega Required" by Dessa Lux: Beau is an alpha werewolf in need of a mate, a requirement of his medical residency. Rory is an omega in need of a home, too sick to find work and move out of the shelter. A strictly temporary marriage of convenience could solve both their problems--and just might lead to love!

"Like a Rock" by Olivette Deveaux: Elementalists live among us. Water walkers,
fire men, wind whisperers... and also Cooper, an earth-child who can trigger an earthquake with his orgasm. Which sucks for Ash and for the rest of Pittsburgh.

"Want" by R. Phoenix: Turnabout is fair play... at least, that's what Tavi Mirza thinks when he gets the chance to turn everything around on his twin brother.

"Tyler and Jason" (Bound in Silk #1) by Payne de la Cour: Dominating your new employee might be the worst idea ever... or the best.

"Unexpected Powers" (M-Preg) by Chris McHart: Abused. Hurt. Broken. But there's hope beneath the scars.

"Untamed" by Olivette Devaux: When Attila's phone gets stolen, he texts it. Kai, enticed, has to respond. If Attila isn't careful, his heart and his newly acquired horse might go the way of the phone. "Untamed" starts the Wild Horses series!


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