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Cut scenes from "Alpha for the Pack"

Cut scene #1 from "Alpha for the Pack" ​


A version of the first part of this scene can be found in chapter 2 of Alpha for the Pack. I’ve included it here for context’s sake. You’ll notice the scene in the book has a wildly different tone—much happier—but hey, this is still hot if you’re into a little debasement with a side of lactation.


He went to Gabriel’s room at the end of the corridor. Like all the alphas’ rooms, it was a little bare compared to Ray’s and the babies’, but Ray would have taken it any time if it meant having his own space. Gabriel wasn’t the type to hang out in his bedroom unless it was for activities meant for such rooms and Ray didn’t have any reason to go in there on his own. And when he sucked Gabriel off, he normally kept his eyes closed, so he was surprised to see that Gabriel had put up a couple posters for the obscure Australian bands he liked.

He expected to be manhandled with the same decisiveness his cousin had shown in deciding this was happening, but maybe Gabriel had learned something because he just opened his arms in invitation and waited until Ray walked into them. He liked holding Ray to his body and he was the only one of the alphas who was considerably bigger than him, the type of man whose size attracted attention anywhere he went. He rubbed Ray’s cheek softly and kissed his forehead, strangely… chaste.

Ray swallowed thickly, suddenly nervous and Gabriel chuckled. “Come on, Raymond,” he teased, “we know how to do this!”

“I know. It’s just…” Ray shrugged, then leaned closer and put his arms around Gabriel’s middle and his face against his chest. He didn’t understand why he felt suddenly shy: Gabriel had seen every part of him, touched every part of him…

“Oh,” Gabriel said in a small voice, “Is it this?” and he slid a hand between them and cupped a palm around Ray’s pectoral. Ray shuddered and tried to step back as he felt the soft flesh give a little as Gabriel lifted it off his chest. It wasn’t much, in a guy that didn’t have abs like Ray, it could just be fat. But it wasn’t, and he bet fat didn’t feel like that either, all tender and swollen, so sensitive that even such a little touch set him shivering. Gabriel had kept him close with his arm around Ray’s waist and now he swept his thumb across, barely grazing Ray’s nipple through his shirt. Ray jumped like he had been electrocuted. Gabriel laughed. “Come to bed, honey, I want to suck you.”

“I don’t…” Ray started to say, breathless with Gabriel’s lust and his own body’s confused reactions, and then he was bouncing on the bed and Gabriel was standing between his half-spread legs.

“Ray, why do you insist on making everything hard?” he asked, sounding like an exasperated parent. “You like it, and why shouldn’t you? It feels good, you just have let it.”

But he didn’t push Ray again, just waited patiently as Ray swallowed, struggling to get the strange feeling of wrongness the touch had brought out. But it’d felt good, too, he couldn’t deny that, even if Gabriel could make him hard and slick just by thinking he wanted him. He raised a hand and put it around Gabriel’s tanned forearm, then scooted down the bed as he pulled on it. Gabriel went, crawling on top of Ray and slotting their bodies together, his folded knee between Ray’s, pressing against Ray’s swollen sack through the cloth.

“We can… try it,” Ray offered, and heard Gabriel’s pulse spike in excitement.

“Okay,” he whispered into Ray’s ear and slid his hands to Ray’s waistband to get his shirt off. Ray shivered as he was uncovered, purposely not looking down at himself. But he didn’t need to look, just hear the way Gabriel’s breathing accelerated. He didn’t understand why, Gabriel didn’t find women attractive, why would he like that Ray…

“Oh, god, you’re beautiful,” he murmured as he placed his hands on the bare skin of Ray’s hips with something close to reverence. He moved them in slow concentric circles, a caress so slow it almost tickled, and Ray found himself closing his eyes for a moment to feel it. Then he felt them move down towards the newly flat plains of his belly, and then Gabriel was cupping the inexistent weigh there and Ray had a flash of sense memory to being touched this way when he was full and heavy. He tensed, trying not to flinch or shiver, he didn’t know. But Gabriel chose to be safe and occupied his hands undoing Ray’s button and zipper instead.

He pushed Ray back on the bed and knelt over him, telling him to raise his hips so Gabriel could remove his trousers and underwear. Then pushed the whole thing off the side of the bed and stretched himself on top of Ray, heavy and hot, his clothes rough against Ray’s naked skin. He tilted Ray’s head back to lick his throat, to seek his mark on Ray’s neck—indelible and forever—and worried at it with his teeth as his hips started rolling against Ray’s. Ray made a sound of distress when the button of Gabriel’s trousers caught in his pubic hair, and Gabriel stopped cold, apologizing with a kiss to Ray’s cheek. “Sorry, darling. Let me...”

Ray watched him get rid of his own clothes in a daze. He was tanned from work and big all over and maybe he looked even bigger to Ray because he was standing over him, hard and about to mount him. Or maybe it was the omega’s deep need to submit to his alpha. Ray didn’t know where the feeling came from, but feeling Gabriel’s heavy gaze on his exposed body, he knew what he looked like to his cousin. He had as much as said so with his touch: his hands on Ray’s hips and belly, possessive, proprietary and his odd delight in Ray’s tits swollen with pup milk… Gabriel thought they should do this so he wouldn’t give into his urges during the full moon and now that he wasn’t moon high, Ray could see what those urges were. Gabriel had never lied: he had told Ray he wanted to mate and breed him from the start.

He had also promised to protect and care for him. And this was what he needed to do to accomplish that, to get his fantasy out of his head and body so that he could be clear-headed when Ray would need it most.

Ray just had to let him. He looked at Gabriel’s toned body, the healthy colour his skin had acquired from working outside building the house, and his rapturous expression. He could have got a way worse deal than a gorgeous man desperate for his body.

Heart beating fast, he made himself part his legs as Gabriel got back in the bed, shuddering when he pressed the length of their bodies together and getting a nice boost from Gabriel’s own pleasure as he arched into him. Then his mouth was taken. It wasn’t a kiss as much as an invasion, Gabriel’s tongue and lips tasting every inch of Ray’s mouth as if Ray was a space to be conquered. Ray made an effort to breathe through his nose, swallowing Gabriel’s spit and his moans and feeling himself grow wetter as his alpha got more excited. Gabriel pulled back, groaning and rutting his hard cock against Ray’s belly. He could smell that Ray was ready for him, and Ray expected his legs to be lifted. But not this time, instead of bending Ray in half, Gabriel got to his knees and rolled Ray over onto his front, then lowered his own body onto Ray’s, aiming his hard cock into the space between Ray’s half spread legs. He moaned as his member touched Ray’s soaked thighs and then thrust against him as he hitched his hips up until the head of his cock popped past the ring of muscle of Ray’s arse. Ray shuddered, clenching in shock and heard Gabriel murmur, “Oh, yeah, like that, you were meant for this, just so… ready for it.”

And then he was pushing in the rest of the way, pushing Ray’s shoulders down and effectively pining him down as his cock breached further in, all the way in until it felt like one more inch would pierce him right through. Ray whimpered at the fullness, unable not to squirm at the feeling of having his arse used without any prep after four months. It didn’t quite hurt, but it felt strange and uncomfortable. He had got used to not having this done to him.

Gabriel reacted like he thought Ray was trying to push back and he pulled out and pushed back in, deeper if it was even possible. Ray cried out as he hit his prostate and that set Gabriel off for real: rutting harder and faster into Ray as he held him down fast onto the bedspread. He changed the angle that had set Ray’s nerves tingling in his frenzy, but it didn’t matter because soon enough he was coming and Ray’s own body rushed with his pleasure as his cock twitched and spilled under his body, forgotten in favour of the one emptying itself inside his body.

For a long moment, Gabriel panted against the side of his neck as they both tried to catch their breath, then Ray felt a little pull inside.

“Gabriel…” he begged as he realised his alpha was starting to knot. He could have physically pushed Gabriel off, but his wolf would never allow him to try and get away from his alpha mate: if Gabriel didn’t react, Ray would have to lay there as the knot formed and then try not to cry in pain as it stretched inside him.

And he would do the same during heat, knowing all the while that a baby was probably being put inside him.

And then Gabriel swore and pulled out of Ray, fast enough to make Ray wince, but he buried his face in the ruined sheets and breathed through the burning feeling the half formed knot had left in his arse.

Behind him, Gabriel was breathing hard, obviously trying to calm himself down. After a long minute of silence, Ray twisted around to be able to see him and discovered his alpha sitting up, feet on the floor and face buried on his hands, back hunched in defeat. “What’s wrong?” he asked and his voice came out rusty.

Gabriel exhaled and raised his head to look at him. “You had to tell me,” he explained, “that’s not good enough. I can’t need you to tell me, you won’t be…”

He was right, of course. Ray would be in no state to ask for anything, not even something he truly needed. “What if Alec asked?” Ray suggested weakly. Gabriel had clearly chosen Alec because he represented no threat and Alec had given plenty of proof that he accepted his authority, but during the full moon they’d still be two alpha wolves who shared an omega. The last thing he wanted was to turn the tides of moon madness from sex to violence.

“No,” Gabriel replied, “let me try again,” he added, looking earnestly at Ray. “I can do it, I just… it had been a long time. But I can do it now.”

Ray shifted onto his side, feeling his arse complain even as it filled with more slick to allow him to fulfil his alpha’s request. Gabriel must have been able to tell, but his eyes didn’t leave Ray’s face as he waited for an answer. Gabriel was right, it made sense that the first time after a long period of abstinence would be particularly intense and hard to control, that was the whole reason Alec had suggested he bed them before full moon. It wasn’t like Ray could honestly say he couldn’t take it, not when he had lost his virginity to the five of them. He nodded. “Okay.”

The second time was sweeter, Gabriel didn’t push as much as prod, guiding Ray where he wanted him. But now that he had a clearer head, he had also remembered Ray’s tits. His hands moved slowly from Ray’s back to his chest, doubling down to brush against Ray’s dick and then coming up back up again. But it was just a detour, ultimately Ray knew their destination very well. He closed his eyes, the slow burn of Gabriel’s arousal getting to him, but he opened them again as his alpha’s hands once again cupped his pecs, caressing the flesh softly with his fingertips even as his palms lifted it a little, as if assessing their weigh. Ray scrunched his eyes shut, the sensation was so alien it almost felt like it was itself a foreign touch, and then he felt the wetness of breath. He startled and discovered that his back was against the wall behind the bed—there was nowhere to go. He opened his eyes, searching anyway, and caught Gabriel leaning in to place a wet kiss on his left nipple. He whimpered, the intense sensation mixing with Gabriel’s own rush of pleasure and Gabriel brought more of it into his mouth, sucking gently. Ray tensed, recognizing the sensation for what it was before his brain fully understood, and then he felt the rush of milk squirting into Gabriel’s mouth and his alpha was drinking him down. It wasn’t like it’d been with the babies, vaguely pleasant and somewhat calming; instead, he felt suddenly desperate—or most likely, Gabriel did and was making him feel it too—to be drank from. Gabriel drank several mouthful from his left tit before switching to the right, his hot cock trailing precome up Ray’s knee. And then he felt Gabriel’s hands leave his chest even as his mouth continued sucking more sustenance from Ray’s body. He was running his hands from Ray’s buttocks to the back of his knees slow enough to enjoy the softness of his skin and then placing Ray’s legs around his own waist, pulling until Ray was lying flat on the bed. Ray opened his eyes just in time to see him release Ray’s reddened nipple with a loud pop. Some milk spilled down Ray’s chest and he flushed in horror and shame even as Gabriel stilled to watch it for a long moment. He didn’t say anything about it, thank the moon, and Ray was mostly grateful when he leaned in and licked him clean. It was the least awkward way to get it over with he could imagine right then. Gabriel swallowed and offered Ray a reassuring smile before getting back to the task at hand.

For once, he wasn’t taking Ray’s arousal for granted, instead the same hands that had held him down were now barely touching him, fingers sliding down slowly, tickling his rim as they exposed it to the air and made him shiver. He shifted his hips, helpless to withstand the exposure for long and felt Gabriel’s thumb pushing into the mess of slick and come behind his balls. He arched into it, feeling empty despite the slight soreness and Gabriel made a pleased sound before pushing his finger deeper into Ray. Ray tensed, clenching around it and Gabriel kissed his neck, straining with the effort to stay still, and murmured a request.

“Yes,” Ray replied, helpless to resist, “yes, do it.”

Gabriel still didn’t rush, pulling his finger out and lining his cock with almost insulting calm and Ray found he couldn’t stand the wet, gaping emptiness anymore and as soon as he felt the head of his erection poised to enter him, snapped his own hips up to receive it. He messed up the angle, though, and instead of going into him, Gabriel’s cock slid wetly against his balls, making Gabriel gasp against Ray’s shoulder. “Fuck, Ray…” he panted, pushing his cock into the space between Ray’s buttocks like he couldn’t stop the reflex. Ray whimpered at the feeling, both wonderful and terrible because thrusting made him clench and clenching made him feel how empty he was again, how close he was to getting what he truly needed.

And then Gabriel was taking hold of his hair and forcing him to be still to be kissed and that distracted him long enough for Gabriel to line himself up and give a good push that got his cock inside again. The moment he was inside Ray, Gabriel leaned in again, but he didn’t kiss Ray again, instead bending down to suck on Ray’s tit again with intent. Getting more milk, Ray realised, squirming as his alpha’s cock went deeper into him, Gabriel’s weigh pushing him down into the bed until all he could do was clench around the heavy member inside him. Gabriel kept him like that, alternating sucking and licking of Ray’s swollen tits, never allowing his hips off the bed, just staying inside him and forcing him to take it without any relief other than what torturous little brushes of Ray’s cock against Gabriel’s abdomen brought him.

“Do you want it?” he asked Ray in a rough whisper, still buried in him to the hilt and somehow managing the control to stay there despite Ray’s body’s efforts to get fucked. His breathing set Ray to shivering. He could understand the words, but all he could do in response was keep trying to get what he needed—the noises he was making weren’t even intentional, just a side effect of his wolf being denied. Gabriel only let him suffer for a few moments before he gave in and started rutting into him in earnest, drinking the escalating sounds falling from Ray’s mouth eagerly. And then he reverted to his usual unforgiving pace, trusting Ray to be able to take it, he pushed his cock into him like he wanted to push it through him. When the orgasm hit, Ray’s face was wet with tears of frustration, and when the alpha’s pleasure reached his own brain, all he could see for endless seconds was white.

He must have dozed off afterwards, but it couldn’t have been long because even though Gabriel was no longer inside him, the sting still hadn’t quite faded when he felt his cousin pressing close again, curling his body against Ray’s back and cocooning him in his warmth.

“Now you’ll be okay,” Gabriel promised, hand in Ray’s hair and kissed the side of Ray’s face.

He hadn’t knotted, Ray realised with relief. It wasn’t a guarantee, but it was a good start, even if it’d taken making Ray ask for it. He had never asked before and he was glad Gabriel couldn’t see his face at the moment; but what was a little discomfort if it meant avoiding a bigger one? Ray could take a little shame—he had already taken a lot—a lot better than another pregnancy right away.

“Thank you,” he told Gabriel, because some sort of response seemed to be expected. And then he allowed himself to close his eyes and rest.

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